Crazy Darth Vader Helmets

All these Darth-Helmets are part of a traveling exhibition known as "THE VADER PROJECT"

" The Vader Project is curated by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys. Kelemer and Marks gathered close to 100 of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists , and designers to participate. Each artist was given a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize. "

Hundreds more photos here !

Picture of Crazy Darth Vader Helmets
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F-177 years ago
The last one's like bevis nd buthead, i cldnt stop laughing!!
jgmaciasf7 years ago
i love the one with the gas mask
Berkin8 years ago
FaqMan9 years ago
I find gas mask vader and samuri vader to be very cool looking.
comodore9 years ago
The samuray one is soooo coooool, but i like the last one to... Darth Vader when he was a teenager.... ;D If I ever had to chose a gas mask, I would pick the Darth Vader one, looks like it has 2 filters....
Goodhart9 years ago
That last one has an overbite so large he has probably bitten his chin a number of times LOL
=SMART= (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
heh heh yea, its kinda scary though lol
Yeah, you wouldn't want to feed HIM by hand LOL
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
samuri vay-duh
=SMART= (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
hiiiiiii- YA!!!
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