Crazy Idea with Cellphone Batteries. Need an Experts input

My cell phone's battery doesn't last very long--less than 24 hours while I'm using it, and less than 48 on standby.  I'm getting a new battery for it, but based on what I've read about this phone on the Internet, it's just a battery hog, and the new battery likely won't help much.

So my thought was "what if I put TWO batteries in there?"  Crazy, right?  I mean, I can't actually fit two batteries in my cell phone, but what if I could find a way to run wires from the outside of my phone to the battery on the inside, augmenting that battery?

The problem I have is that I'm not sure if this will result in extended battery life, or an explosion.  I know that Li-Ion batteries are not like your normal AAs. And I know that to keep the voltage right, I'd have to wire them in parallel.  But if I wire them in parallel, without some sort of circuit in front of both batteries, will that be safe?

I think that if there was a circuit in front of the two batteries hooked up in parallel things would be fine.  But if I just hook to separate batteries in parallel, each meant for my cell phone, then each battery will have the circuit protecting it, but not the two in parallel, and that might be dangerous.

So anyway, if anyone out there has any idea on how safe this is or isn't, I'd appreciate their input!


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AshrafJ21 year ago

I want to increase my Motorola droid Maxx mobile battery its 3500mah Internal battery . I also have one extra droid Maxx mobile battery of 3500mah can I do by parallel to extend my android mobile?

Why don't you just use normal AAs...

Make a battery holder with a 5V regulator circuit built in and charge the phone via the normal plug...

Or buy one, it's a good project but I suspect it's one of those ones where you could dig up the exact thing for less than the cost of components.
mrmath (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
Sounds kind of what mpilchfamily suggested.
By the way - it's nothing you probably don't know but my instructable - might have some useful stuff in it and the comments...
Don't go trying to wire the batteries together. It won't cause a problem right away but you won't be able to charge them both at teh same time. If you want to extend your battery life then get one of those battery packs that connect to the phone's USB/Charge port and help to recharge the current battery on the go.

What phone do you have? There may be a case available that hase a backup battery built in.
mrmath (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
It's an HTCA Aria. I looked, and only saw one online, and the picture wasn't of an Aria. Besides, it was something like $45, and a new battery is only $4.50.