Crazy Idea

I was cleaning out my dresser draw and i found a package of engines that you put i model rockets and i said what the hell lets combine knex and rockets engines.I have just designed a rocket car out of knex i am hoping to see if it works in the next week if it does i will post it. For a fact i know some peices will get melted when the engine blows at the end of the cycle. I just wanted to get your comments

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Cagedconner10 years ago
I tried this before, it was alot of fun actually. The housing i made for the engine was just a white (snowflake) and 6 red rods clipped onto it to make a tube, no parts were burned or melted, and i don't see why any would be, I've never personally seen an engine that blows up and the end of it's launch.
RunningBrave (author)  Cagedconner10 years ago
it is an explosion but it doesnt have the power to melt peices i learned
canida10 years ago
Be sure to take video!
RunningBrave (author)  canida10 years ago
i will
Brennn1010 years ago
Awesome dude. Just another way our crazy Instructablers are fiddling with K'NEX. Nice Idea.
assasin10 years ago
y not? sounds kool