Crazy Illusion

I was surfing the web the other day when i came across this crazy illusion. Enable it in fullscreen if you can, and stare into the center until the video ends, then look around the room. Everything should be distorted for a short time! Does anyone have an idea of why this happens?

UPDATE: Goodhart kindly mentioned that this video should not be viewed by anyone with epilepsy, as it could bring on a seizure.

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Masterdude8 years ago
That's weird! I also would want to know how that works.
the_mad_man8 years ago
lol, if you keep on going back to the beginning before it says look away, then you get a really really really distorted image...i just did it for 7 and a half minutes. it was WEIRD!
There better be no pop-up.
The video starts with an embedded ad, but that is about it (at least when I viewed it).
But then, not every time either *shrug*
Goodhart9 years ago
Cool effect. Um, you may want to add that this is NOT to be viewed by anyone with could bring on a seizure.
Kiteman9 years ago
Invalid movie? At least it's not just me that breaks things here!
pyro13 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Sorry about that, i couldn't get the video thing to work, so i just put in a link! check it out!
w00ty32 Kiteman9 years ago
Lolz. Ur right!