Crazy LEGO animation

This LEGO animation has been bouncing all over the Interwebs this weekend. It's pretty stunning stuff since it was all done with LEGO and by one person who clocked 1,500 hours on it. It goes to show how much you can do with a pile of LEGO and a regular digital camera.

That all said, the video is still a little slow and can do with about a minute less footage. So I'm definitely curious to see the next video from these guys in another year or so.

Picture of Crazy LEGO animation
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=SMART=8 years ago
That is awesome, Im thinking stopmotion competition ! Its so easy anyone can do it !
yeah but if you did put a competition on then the guy who made this would already have won.
ant slowmotion where you have tons of pics and you play it like a slide show?
MegaMaker8 years ago
If only the did one that was two hours long... I'd love it.
Kaiven8 years ago
:) I watched this the day after it came out. I can't believe I was able to view it before it hit like 1,000,000 views
amakerguy8 years ago
that is amazing!!!!! and I know how much hard work that was because I do stop motion animation just like that (well just not as good LOL)
red-king8 years ago
that's pretty cool. i like it.
This is great. Now I might try in make something like this out of knex.
That wouldnt work
Why would that be?? I've done it before, no joke.
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