Crazy things you've done?

One of the crazy things I did was take nails out of the door hinges to a shed with my friend. Not too long ago the door fell down.... One of the not so smart things I have done is when we had a storm this winter I went bike riding. We probably shouldn't have done that but oh well...

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I'd like to tell you, but I'm rather embarrassed.
Sunbanks (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
It's ok I won't laugh. (hehe yeah right)
Okay, once I vomited out of a 4 story hotel window on to someone's car. In my defense, I was drunk, and I wasn't the only one, blame the Army.
Be glad no Policemen where down there to receive your "present" LOL
iman Goodhart9 years ago
no be glad it wasnt below freezing :) yuck :P
That's what happens when you drink.
Not every time I drink ;-) On a non related note I cut the explosives out of several rolls of caps, put them in a balloon and whacked it with a hammer in a basement, couldn't hear for days.
I'm gonna try that.
Sorry, but as soon as I get some caps, I will. I saw a video where someone filled a bucket with matchheads too. You should try that one.
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