Creaking under the Strain?

I've been getting periods of 503 errors (service unavailable) from Instructables recently. Are the servers creaking under the strain of all these weighty PRO members, or is the Instructables Robot hard at it mucking out the caches as he tweaks the privileges?

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I got that a lot yesterday evening. I had to close the window and reopen every time I uploaded something. Very weird. :P
AndyGadget (author) 8 years ago
I was doing some early morning (U.K. time) editing today and the page hung during a save. A refresh gave me the off-line pdf. (First time I've seen it recently - I've only had the 503s before) I was sweating that my Instructable may have been zapped into the ether and several hours of work had been lost, but it was there when the site came back. I hope server pixies do retain the last good version otherwise there is a worry about real losses in the case of an unscheduled server drop.
lemonie8 years ago
Yes I've had 503s. Have you ever had "making a few changes, print this pdf" at some reasonable time in the UK that's the middle of the night in the US? L
Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
I've also been having 503. The "PDF" page is used when the site is deliberately off-line for scheduled maintenance and office parties.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Deliberately off-line gives you this L
Same here.