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Here at Instructables HQ, we're always looking for new ways to make it easier than ever to share the things that you've made.  Today we are very excited to announce the first public beta release of the new Instructables editor!  The new editor allows you to create, edit, and publish Instructables.  You can even use it to make changes to Instructables that you've already started or published.

Some of the new features include:

Drag and drop interface  - add, remove, and reorder photos and steps, all with drag and drop. (those of you who are already familiar with the Instructables iOS and Android mobile apps will love this feature)
View All Steps - the landing page of the new editor gives you an overview of all the steps and images in your Instructable
Continuous Editing Experience - edit, upload, save, preview, and publish... all without a single page reload
New Uploader - rotate images and see the status of your upload
Easy Embed - embed video and media from a variety of sites
Pixlr Image Editing - crop and retouch uploaded images in just a few clicks with Pixlr photo editor integration
Easy Preview - preview your Instructable without ever leaving the editor
Cover Image Selector - select and crop your Instructable's cover image, so it looks great on the site and on your phone
New Publish Page - add keywords, select a category and channel, and enter your Instructable in contests, now in a clean, new interface

So poke around, edit, and publish, and let us know what you think.  Please leave any comments, questions, or feature requests in the comments below.  Definitely let us know if there are any bugs we still need to work out!

How do I find the New Editor?

To create a new Instructable from scratch, follow this link:

To edit a draft or published Instructable (note: you can only edit Step by Step Instructables in the new editor, you will be redirected if you try to edit photo or video instructables):

1.  Login and navigate to one of your drafts in the current editor (Go to and click the edit link next to any of your drafts).
2.  Click the big orange button at the top of the page that says "Try the New Editor".  You will get redirected to the new editor, with all your Instructable's data loaded and ready to go.  The url looks like this:

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yes , you can but a problem is you can't add links in mobile app editor

FreePvp1 year ago

Can i edit instructables on mobile app?

You sure can! Go to your instructables, choose the draft section and the instructable you want to work on, and click on the pencil icon to edit.

What is the best way to add C++ or Java code to a code block?

I'm trying to add plain text to code blocks in the editor, and whenever I save and return to the editor (or the preview) the editor has automatically added HTML tags to my C++ code. What am I doing wrong, or what steps should I take to add computer code to my Instructables?

figured it out. For anyone who has the same problem, you have to create a code block and then paste your text into it. It won't work properly if you select text and then try to create a code block from the selection.

gearup5002 years ago

I'm on an iPad, but I can't edit the keywords of any of my instructables. I don't have a computer to do this, so what do I do?

go to the bottom of the mobile site and it should say "full site" and if you press on that it will take you to the desktop site

Phil B2 years ago

I composed an Instructable on an iPad II using the New Editor, but key parts of it were missing when it was uploaded, including the whole Introduction. Finally, I replicated what was missing on my laptop and copied over what was as intended to a new Instructable. Then I deleted the flawed Instructable and published the corrected Instructable as if it were a new Instructable. This is a puzzle because I composed and successfully published another Instructable on my iPad a few weeks ago.

Also, there should be a channel for Shooting under the Outdoors section. There is a section for weapons, but not real guns and there is a section for paintball.

Kiteman Phil B2 years ago

Other people have mentioned similar issues - I think it would be worth posting this as a fresh bug report.

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