Create won`t hold my embeded video code

When I go to either save or publish my youtube Halloween video the create area keeps dropping the code.
I have tried everything even starting over. I worked hard to have a good entry and am frustrated I cannot enter the contests.
Thank You, Craig

mikeasaurus5 years ago
I just tried creating a new Video Instructable and it worked fine for me. What code are you using? Our editor needs the "iframe" code, not the embed code.

Can you describe exactly what is happening so we can help you?
I sometimes get a hiccup where the code won't paste into the pop-up box. In those cases, I switch to Source, paste in the code, and switch back to the normal editor.
Just tried and it works. There is no more "old embed code" option on youtube. It works with the iframe code snippet in the box from the share/embed button.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
There may be other problems due to the site update but at least check to make sure that you use the "old embed code" from youtube. It's an option on the sharing choices in youtube to get compatible code for this site.