Creating hollow, clear mold. What materials?

I'm trying to create a Metroid from the titular video game series but I'm not sure of which direction I should go.

As you can see, the top (i''ll call it the "head") is semi clear but contains a nucleus within it. So far the only method I can think of is with clear resin. Issues though are that I dont know how to leave an empty space for the body to fit within the head and I dont have a pressure pot available. I've never created a mold before and my only experience is clay sculptures.
What methods could I use to create this? All I have to work with is my garage and some clay at the moment and although I'm willing to go out and spend some money, I wont be buying something like a $300 pressure pot.

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Triclaw3 years ago

use silicone or oogoo

caitlinsdad3 years ago

You may be able to get away with some crude blow molding freehand of clear thin sheet styrene or plastic. Use a heat gun(industrial mega-hair dryer with wide tip) and some nonstick tools to prod and shape a softened sheet of plastic from an oven or heat lamp. Heat until pliable but not melted. Vacuum forming would also work. Think along the lines of a glassblower. Create the bulb shape and go from there. You can then sculpt the nerves separately and stuff it inside. Good luck.