Creating patches

I see we can upload our own patches to send to other people. What makes a "patch"? What are the size and format limits? Are there any style guidelines (the current patches all have a square border with rounded corners).

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Brennn108 years ago
On my profile, it says that I have 1 patch left to send. How do I get more patches to send out, or is 1 my limit?
I have the same question
Kiteman (author)  porcupinemamma8 years ago
If you run a patch contest, you can ask for more.
I did that and it was so much fun! ( I wonder if I could request more for another one in a little while...)
ewilhelm8 years ago
In the future, non-pro members will be able to buy or earn patches to give away. We're currently thinking that they will be priced at $1 each. How you'll earn them is undecided, but getting an Instructable featured or appearing in the newsletter are two things we're considering.
Have you considered giving away patches to give away (someone has got to coin a term for those) as part of the standard prize pack of T-shirt, stickers and physical patch?
pdub77 RadBear8 years ago
I got some extra patches for having one of my Instructables featured.
RadBear pdub778 years ago
Really? From the Ible staff or from other users? I've gotten a couple for being in the newsletter, but not for being featured.
My newletter patch went missing... :-(
A patch-napping?
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