Creatively using this space

Any ideas on how to use the space creatively. The open space is between the drawing room and the living room.

In the pictures below I have captured this space from different angles just to give you some perspective. At this point I don't have the actual dimension of the space but can provide if required.

Picture of Creatively using this space
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Goodhart8 years ago
Jessy's suggestion of a book shelf is an idea; and you could make it open ended from both rooms; maybe including a wide enough place for the bindings of books only to be shown in the room you are in.
Crude Example.bmp
Bushie Goodhart5 years ago
Wide bookshelves were my first thought as well...

And allowance could be made - by staggering and spacing shelves - to easily accommodate an aquarium, a couple of plants, and/or sculptures/nic-nac's, on the lower shelves..
Goodhart Bushie5 years ago
Indeed ! :-)
sunshiine7 years ago
Oh this space is wonderful!  I like the openness and natural light!  Like some of the others I would add a fish tank, water fountain along with   live plants.
I think that would be a great idea, but with a window seat in between two water features.
Oh yeah that is a grand idea!
CrLz8 years ago
Hang a huge stained glass work in the space.
Get a bunch of old windows and hang them up.

Like this:
I think shelves would look great there. Especially ones of different heights and lengths. Oddly tiered, if you will. :P
aeromancy8 years ago

How about putting a hidden door bookshelf in?

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