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Does anybody out there have the specifications for making cricket bats and wickets? Can you direct me to a website that might have some plans?

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trialex10 years ago
Th maximum dimensions of a bat are 4.25" x 38" (that once won me a fair bit of money at a trivia comp).

From the Lord's website :

"2. Size of stumps
The tops of the stumps shall be 28 in/71.1cm above the playing surface and shall be dome shaped except for the bail grooves. The portion of a stump above the playing surface shall be cylindrical, apart from the domed top, with circular section of diameter not less than 1 3/8 in/3.49cm nor more than 1 1/2 in/3.81cm. See Appendix A.

3. The bails
(a) The bails, when in position on the top of the stumps,
(i) shall not project more than 1/2 in/1.27cm above them.
(ii) shall fit between the stumps without forcing them out of the vertical.

(b) Each bail shall conform to the following specifications. See Appendix A.

Overall length:- 4 5/16 in/10.95cm
Length of barrel:- 2 1/8 in/5.40cm
Longer spigot:- 1 3/8 in/3.49cm
Shorter spigot:- 13/16 in/2.06cm

Link to laws regarding bats: Law 6

(Law 8 deals with the stumps)

Two pictures; one from Wikipedia, one from Lord's

IdahoDavid (author)  trialex10 years ago
Thanks for the information and illustrations. I had a rough idea on the length and width of the bats. I looked at the commercially made bats and they are a bit pricey for me at this point since this is kind of experimental for me. I see the bats described as English willow. Does willow mean the same thing in the UK as it does here? Seems like it would be a bit soft. Thanks again.
As for your concerns of the softness of a cricket bat made of willow, it works like this:

Willow is soft, but necessarily so for a cricket bat.

Before you can use it to play with a proper hard cricket ball, you need to "knock-in" the bat. This means that you use a wooden "bat mallet" or an old cricket ball to hammer the surface of the bat.

This compresses the fibres together and i think expells the air and maes it more solid.

If this isn't done you will get dents on the bat, cracks on the edge of the blade and the ball won't run off the bat nicely.

Knocking in take roughly getween 5 and 10 hours.

hope that was clear
Don't forget to also oil the bat with linseed oil. Do this three times the first week you buy it. You need to rub the oil on it, then let it rest for three hours. Then you do the knocking in. It is best to do the knocking in 1 hour every day, the first day you buy it. I just bought a new bat and am having much fun doing this!
Sorry, I thought it best if we use the latin. Salix alba caerulea...saves the confusion to what is an American or English Willow :-) As for the softness, it doesn't matter, you want the weight and the spring. The majority of the power from the bat comes from the flex of the wood and the strength of the spring. The bat is shaped with a flat side (to hit the ball) and a definite V in the rear that privides the extra strength. I hope you get this off the ground, my wife, daughters and i went to a small Greek island about 2 years ago and we joined up with a group of people from Greece, Spain, Germany and France, not one of us could fluently speak the other languages but we enjoyed a wonderful time playing beach cricket for 2 hours, joined in sport and desperately trying to beat the beach car park attendant:-) great memories Here is reasonable image of what I was trying to explain:
IdahoDavid (author)  Jezza Bear10 years ago
Interesting. I had always pictured it more like a flat paddle - like gym teachers used to use over here for discipline or like you see fraternities using in the movies to spank inductees - but I see that it is shaped differently. Thanks.
Well I would sa\y , if it is for an introduction, a flat paddle would do fine. I would also play with a tennis ball. The fielders in cricket don't gloves apart from the wicket keeper, I have a few shattered fingers after a catch went wrong. A baseball, although larger is still about the same weight.
Hi, You can get cricket equipment from
Jezza Bear10 years ago
As an Englishman I found Wikipedia pretty good

Cricket where Trialex appears to have got the image.

If you are going to make a bat....gosh good luck.. I am looking at your sweatshirt and from your name you are right up there in north North America:-)

I like this site....a typical bored IT guy:-)

How to make your own Cricket bat out of a Cisco 6509 and some CAT 5

IdahoDavid (author)  Jezza Bear10 years ago
Thank you for the response. I attended the University of Montana and currently live in the "Panhandle" end of Idaho where I work for a library. We are pretty far north -- a couple of hours Canadian border. Pretty country -- a bit isolated at times. I am looking at getting the Scout troop I lead interested in cricket. Looks like fun and the boys need to learn that not all recreation involves staring a monitor and killing aliens.
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