Crochet Portraits

These portraits are done in crochet from photographs. The results are impressive and now I want to see a picture of the subject wearing his crocheted face over his own face and freaking his friends out.

Jo Hamilton's Crochet Portraits

Picture of Crochet Portraits
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Being a "designer" myself of crocheting and cross-stitching graphs, I think this is spectacular!! Great work!!
Asmodeous8 years ago
a little erie.
Matt214978 years ago
interesting first post FTW
Nobody says first post on instructables, its stupid.
Ah Ah ah, Remember the Be nice rule.
not exactly his first XD
BLASTFEMI8 years ago
mbudde8 years ago
This is cool. Do you know if you can send him a picture and a sum of money for him to crochet one for you?
wenpherd8 years ago
Thats pretty good.
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