Crocheted grenades make killing cute!

How cute can a grenade possibly be? About this cute. These crocheted versions of deadly explosives let you re-enact WWII scenarios with something that's fun to squeeze. Even the creator couldn't help but get into the act with the video below.

Green 'round Grenades from WooWork on Vimeo.

Picture of Crocheted grenades make killing cute!
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codongolev8 years ago
dang... I might have to learn to crochet now.
My aunt can...
Your aunt should teach me the art of her ways.
"hey aunty, can you teach me to crochet?" "why?" "so I can make grenades." end that conversation however you want.
My om would like "Sure. What color?" My mom's cool.
Ark22 bowmaster8 years ago
I hate doing that, I'd rather learn how myself.
bowmaster Ark228 years ago
Shed teach you.
XD That would be interesting.
Atomman8 years ago
The video rocks.... Why throw away the pin and not the grenade? lol.
Ark22 Atomman8 years ago
For a joke, of course. That's what makes it funny. Who knows, maybe he loved it too much? =)
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