Crossbow V5 "Reaper"

This is the may not have great look, but it sure is effective.
This one uses 4 strings of rubberbands and has a really sturdy trigger which also may be a new design.

Sorry for the bad pictures...all i had at the moment to make a picture was an ps2 Eyetoy.
It is finished!

Picture of Crossbow V5
Picture 046.jpg
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That thing is insane! As soon as I take my gattling cannon apart I'm doing this, with hopefully a really long barrel to make it stronger.
gatling guns might be cool, but it has a massive reloading time and is fired in like 1.5second?
23GUITAR059 years ago
Dang... wats the range? (gos in to next room terrified)
i hate actually pasted ALL the pieces together( i bought me a knex tub full of pieces so no lack xd) and i added another 12ruberbands(strings) that's 20strings!!!
it does not break and the arrows need superglue real bad. when i fire it, its almost impossible to follow with ur eye and after 300feet, the arrows still smash apart in small pieces:o i once more thank you for this massive beast, i think i'm gonna shoot sum birds with this
Wicky (author)  23GUITAR059 years ago
As it says on its instructable, when it has a tailwind it can get up to 200 feet
yerjoking9 years ago
no offence, but it looks kind of small compared to your other guns/crossbows/bow/etc, unless its just my eyes and the angle its at,

or...I'm just a complete and total noob =3
Wicky (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
It must be your eyes lol, it is pretty big, especially when you make it longer to increase the power :D Lol, this one is small:
leem19949 years ago
That is SWEET!
StyleCore9 years ago
Wicky (author)  StyleCore9 years ago
I hope its scary in a good way...btw i modded the trigger to hold 2 arrows at the same time, which can fired individually, if firing without trigger you can fire 4 arrows in a row... :D
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