Crowdmap of reusable materials and furniture

Hi, trying to build a community crowdmap for encourgaging and promoting reuse -
"reports" are submitted with wood timbers, panel doors, balcony, stairs - you name it. Goal is awareness, please check it out. You can get alerts or get reports on social media.  

Kiteman4 years ago
Is there a particular area of the world you're covering?
doug firr (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Well I live in Toronto so right now it's pretty much just me and a few friends that add reports locally. However, the site is perfectly applicible same way anywhere - all anyone needs to do is submit a report and the device will take their location and add to the map (you can submit via the website "submit form", by emailing, via the app for iOS and android. If you see something in the street that you think someone else could use - take a pic!
That sounds like a good plan, good luck with it.