Crows Use Vending Machines

Check out this guy who's training crows to use vending machines.

Crows are smart, and very good at cause and effect. They're already known for dropping nuts at intersections so cars will do the hard work of cracking them open; it's a small step from this to world domination.

There's a rather wobbly video of the crows going nuts for his machine while the seagulls waddle about ignoring it.

Via Mark's liveblogging of TED talks on BoingBoing.

Picture of Crows Use Vending Machines
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Hmm my real worry is who the hell notices these things... That's pretty good, soon hobos will be out of business as crows get jobs shifting cans for peanuts, also the change one would be an interesting way to make money, until the crows figured out how to hack vending machines...
Yeah, now we will find less change "under the machines" when we are short of it LOL
No I think they'll make the connection between drinking and people dropping change, bars will stalked by birds, they wont sleep on friday and saturday nights.
Aye ! :-)
a crow stool my change
Gross. That would hurt.
great another thing i have to fear... super crows picking my pockets.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
They will rule us all! World domination! *muahaha* I love crows and ravens.
guyfrom7up9 years ago