Cub Scout Activities

I'm a den chief for my troop. Any good activities? I'm a webelos two den chief.

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purduecer8 years ago
Launch some model rockets, maybe?
Even if they be only water rockets.
I wasn't in the scouts for long, but the pinewood derby was always my favorite! That's a universal thing though, right?
Yeah I know what you mean. Unfortunately for me, no one informed me of what to do with the block of pine, except carve out a car.....mine was not heavy enough to reach the end of the track.....but I was not in LAST place, one other car did not go quite as far as mine did *sigh*

Pine Wood Derby has become a big thing.....
One kid who won at my race cut his into a pick up truck. All the weight was in the front...
I am not sure how that would effect a coasting vehicle, but the actual weight certainly would.
All i know is it won...and by a lot.
Kiteman8 years ago
How apropos is that second to last one LOL