I was wondering If anyone else on Instructables Cubes.
And if you do whats your time?  I've been Cubing for a year on and off and my best time is  18.67 seconds, I use Friedrich with a 3 and a half Look LL
My cube is a Dayan GuHong

Thanks for your time

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Picture of Cubing.
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The Nomlack6 years ago
My record is 15.6 seconds. using f2l 2 look oll and full pll.
GATEBOYNXT7 years ago
I have never heard of Fridrich. anyways, i use the edges first method. and i have an average of 1 min
~Aeronous~7 years ago
 Erm...... whats cubing?
Rubic's cubing, I believe.
 Oh okay. Thanks!
MotaBoi7 years ago
For one day, thats amazing!  :)

Here are my official times in competition.

I have gotten better now, my average is around 25.

Here's where I learned Fridrich.  As far as I know, it is the best site for it.

I don't recommend you start Fridrich yet however.  You should be under a minute before you start.  Unless you can move your fingers really fast, Fridrich will actually make you slower.  If you could post a video of yourself solving I would appreciate it :)

PS.  Did you use the instructions that I posted ?
Jesus. (author)  MotaBoi7 years ago
No. Sorry I used RobH0629's on YouTube.