Cupcake purse How to make it ?

I want to make a purse like this 
They are from Judith Leiber .I am a senior high school student and I cannot afford it. They are badly cute.  So I want to creat it by myself. But the QUESTION is how to do it ? I really need you guys' help. 

Picture of Cupcake purse   How to make it ?
viiieira3 years ago
maybe you could use a cup with a lead, like this one (

) and you could simply glue the crystals around it, making a patern of your choice

I doubt that is a soft purse. I'd guess its actually a hard case with the jewels glued/mounted to it. I'd guess its cover in crystals at best and they are all glued to it.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
look up beaded purses. I guess if you can layer or applique a purse in that shape you would be good to go.