Custom Bass

If you could have a custom bass (or have one) what would it be like? If i had one, it would have the cutaway style of a Music man bongo, with tribunal flame bridge. the end of the body would have a sort of curved flying v style to it. The finish would be a sort of metallic blue and black flame. KIllswitch, and a couple of built in effects, couple gaine and tone knobs. 5 string, with the usual music man head. Maybe a bit different though, all thats just off the top of my head.

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Hmmm now enter the fact that I just aquired an old bass from a friend (not got my hand on it yet) and I don't know anything about it but it sounds llike some serious experimentation may be done unless I fix it up for my mate's band (they have a bassist but no bass lol
wingman246 (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
a common case around my school seems to be drummers with no set.
Not only am i the only drummer w/ a drum set at my school, but I'm the only drummer at my school!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol best one ever is my firends band, all borrowed instruments, they're great musicians with no money so the gigs are funny as hell to organize.
sugg229 years ago
i've been designing one for future building. it would be perfectly symmetrical, with very long horns, three humbucking pickups, 4 string, steinberger style tuning system, control knobs that are hidden in the body cavity, and a deep maple color. i've also been thinking of building a plastic bass/guitar, but i'm not sure how the acoustics would be affected, so any comments on that are welcome
It might be a bit weak sounding if the plastic wasn't rigid enough but plastic is a possibility, Imagine a full metal guitar made of aluminium, ludicrously expensive and pretty heavy, the sound would be insan no doubt...
They have made an acoustic with an aluminum top, but I have never seen one completely made of aluminum. Here is an electric's body made out of aluminum:
They've been making acoustic resophonic guitars from metal since the 1920's, Supro made plastic body electrics in the 1950's, Dan Armstrong made a clear acrylic body electric in the late 60's.

AFAIK, all non-wood body guitars still used wooden necks, tho... But I have seen some home-built all-metal guitars...yeah, they would be super heavy..

Frankly, my tastes currently run toward electrics that have complex harmonics (hollow body, semi-hollow body) rather than the massively solid bodies that try to eliminate them.
gmoon gmoon9 years ago
Actually looked this up, and both Travis Bean and Kramer made aluminum necks in the 70s and 80s.... More companies may have, too. I believe the fretboards were still wood for easy fret installation and feel.
sugg22 gmoon9 years ago
I was talking about making a bass where the body AND neck are both entirely plastic. It would be pretty easy, I think. and to make it easier / finally get what I want, I'll leave the neck fretless.
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