Custom MP3 Player Cases and Case Mods here

This is where you can suggest cases for iPods, such as a carved out book that holds an iPod and headphones (like the one I made last year) or maybe have an idea to make a secret iPod holder out of a pop can. If you have any ideas/pictures of your case (hand made or store bought) post em here. I'll get this started... One idea I have is an iPod case for my 1st gen 4GB apple mini of mine, I am currently making an instructable on it so it will be published once my camera gets back so I can take the finishing pictures of it. Descriptions/ideas/how to make one from an idea listed/pictures/ect. are all welcome here (MP3 player related).

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fNX7 years ago
The original case was broken, so I thought of something more sturdy. But one final hint: NEVER EVER carry a thing like this with you when you want to get your flight.... No, it's not funny to get in this "special office" and answer a lot of questions...
Irwind Kee7 years ago
this my mp3 player actually it a car amplifier then i hack it and put in a car mp3 modulator inside the car amplifier, as you can see 3 button on-top car amp is a prev, play/pause, next .
Image - (200).jpg
TSC7 years ago
Theres my duck tape case  I can't find my deck of cards case.
Dr.Paj (author)  TSC7 years ago
Hahaha I completely forgot about this post. I have created a few cases since then...
TSC Dr.Paj7 years ago
you going post pis of you're case :D
Dr.Paj (author)  TSC7 years ago
I have my newest addition, the audio book. It holds my ipod, headphones, and a set of speakers in the back.

I also have a book that holds my ipod and cellphone, but I have no pictures of it. Maybe I will upload a picture of it eventually.
TSC Dr.Paj7 years ago
cool nice job!
Dr.Paj (author) 9 years ago
Here is my new holder (I still like the book)
Dr.Paj (author) 9 years ago
Here is my old case for my mini. I have recently added a weighted bookmark to hide the hole when the earphones are not plugged in. I'll post a pic of my iMug (that I created and will post an instructable on once I get my camera back) soon.