Custom Etched Halloween Tombstone

I created this custom etched Halloween tombstone using builder's foam, latex paint and spray paint. The method of creation is to use a water based paint to create a resist that will protect the foam from dissolving when painted with the spray paint. This technique works really well to create the weathered stone look that older limestone monuments take on after a couple hundred years. For this project I was trying to create a broken then repaired tombstone that was partially covered in moss. Project Process - First sketch the design layout using a marker. Then paint the areas that you want to remain un-etched. Next, spray the entire face tombstone with a heavy, even coat of spray paint. It will take a few minutes... but the face will be etched as much as 1/2" deep depending on how heavy a coat of spray paint. After the etching paint has dried, paint the entire tombstone with latex primer and then add any desired painted effects. For this project, I used a grey granite spray paint and then added sand that was painted a moss green color (adhering it with spray adhesive). Total active work time was approximately 2 1/2 hours. A full Instructable of this project to follow soon...

Picture of Custom Etched Halloween Tombstone
E:\03 Personal\Instructables\SourceMaterial\Zipher5Close.jpg
E:\03 Personal\Instructables\SourceMaterial\Zipher2Etched.jpg
E:\03 Personal\Instructables\SourceMaterial\Zipher3Primer.jpg
zieak10 years ago
Very nice! i really need to do some of these for my Halloween props for next year.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. That is fantastic! Great job.
tforthomas10 years ago
Such a great idea!!