Custom Stairwell Doubles as Handy Bookshelf

These stairs provide access to a loft room in a tiny apartment as well as a nifty spot to place loads of old paperbacks and CDs. As someone who is getting threats to start getting rid of books on a near daily basis, I can appreciate this.

Another thing that's interesting is that this is the first set of stairs I've seen that has a prescribed way of going up and down them. You're meant to step on the side that sticks out more with the indent allowing the traveling foot to clear it. I think I'd want a handrail if I wanted to prevent any houseguests from plummeting down and slamming into the door at the bottom, though.


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Picture of Custom Stairwell Doubles as Handy Bookshelf
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zinc727 years ago
BEYOND EPIC. . . i need to build one. . . if only i had a second floor ( T-T)
titivillus7 years ago

beautifully done.  I have bookcases built behind my doors made of old oak dressers drawers that I have found on treebelts in my town.  I screw a drawer to the wall, skip a space, fasten another drawer and space till I end with an empty space near the ceiling leaving, of course, enough space to place books on top.  the blank spaces need bookends or if you have enough books (I do) to go wall to wall.  the idea is mindless and anyone with a driver can attach them to the studs in no time at all.  my addiction to books was so out of hand that my wife said don't bring another book into this house unless you have enough bookcases to house them; this works very well and now my attic and cellar walls are lined with this used drawers.

OlYeller217 years ago
I'll probably never make something like this (I can't even read) but I just wanted to tell you that I think this is beautiful.  Good work.
ecks518 years ago
It looks to actually be a ladder and not a set of stairs, technically.
Riser > Tread = Ladder
Tread ≥ Riser = Stairs.
Either way it's cool. For those building/remodeling single-story houses this would be a great idea for accessing any attic space, unless you're house has a flat roof, instead of a folding ladder.
surfwizz8 years ago
Can someone please figure out how to build a set of these and post an instructable?
I found a book once at Borders that covered all kinds of crazy innovative ways that they were using every nook and cranny to store stuff in and around their homes. There were even some apartments that had staircases that moved out from the wall and such. I should have bought that book, I know it! All in all, I can't imagine that something like this would be hard to build. It could even be built in a standard stair framework like you would see leading down into a basement. Our basement is finished now, but instead of putting the riser plate directly on the stringer, it would be moved back slightly to allow for storage. Making an extension of the tread plate could be accomplished with a piece of pine bracketed on the stringer and attached to the tread extension. Then stained to match. Cheap and easy. Seems easy enough. I don't have a flight of stairs to build this on, or I would for sure! Let me know if someone decides to actually do it!
Modified Stairs.jpgStairs .jpg
110100101108 years ago
wow ! great work ! reminds me of the 36 pc cases which mates and me stacked in a room at school last year and used as storage place ! (and now are on the way to become computers again)
amandab8 years ago
You lucky thing. We have a one storey house and I am trying to figure out how I can have one of these! (I am from Australia that is why the funny spelling).
theophilus8 years ago
no muddy shoes
strawberry9 years ago
that is the coolest bookshelf i've ever seen!
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