Cut Your Own Hair - For Women!

I was thinking that I would cut my own hair and thought if there where any helpful people here that had and then posted it for me to enjoy...and learn from. But I only found two men who had done it, and since I don't want my hair that short I was wondering if any women out there had tried it and would like to post about it. Failing that any suggestions for how to do it...

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It's not plagiarized. He quoted his source at the very top. You should read more carefully.
Speaking of reading carefully.......the name he mentioned--"Maria J."--is not the name of the author of the article. Our author's name is Elizabeth. That's why I asked if he had found the information posted elsewhere online.....perhaps under the name "Maria J."
I guess he got the name wrong. But he never claimed the work was his own, so it wasn't plagarising - this is a case of a private individual misatributing a quote to a friend, at the very worst.
So I attributed it to the REAL plagiarizer LOL oy vey
Teach you to quote something to a friend!
...without a subsequent link... ;-)
Yes, but I am not sure where it was that I found it, but that was the person that had posted the article somewhere This was what confused me, because I hadn't thought I had gotten it from How-to-do-things.
The material in Goodhart's comment is plagiarized from:

Please take it down immediately or excerpt only one line and link back to the article in its entirety on our site.

Vanessa Raymond
I did say that I was quoting Maria J advises thusly:

But, to avoid further problems, I will do as you have requested....
I can no longer find the article source I originally posted from.
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