Cute musical time-waster.

I just "stumbled" on this sweet little tool for composing and playing musical loops.

Pitch is on the vertical axis, time across the horizontal.

I don't have any way to record it - if you copy this pattern, it sounds like a thumb piano.

Picture of Cute musical time-waster.
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crapflinger5 years ago
if you want to go whole hog, you can check out audiotool it's a sound lab in your browser! plus, the tone matrix (as kite linked to) is in there, and it's really fun to pass through a fuzz filter
also, on the tone matrix, if you make a matrix, then right click and choose copy you get the matrix numbers. then if you want to copy someone else's tone matrix you just copy those numbers and paste them back into the tone


Kiteman (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Kiteman (author)  crapflinger5 years ago
crapflinger5 years ago

sort of the ibles robot
Kiteman (author)  crapflinger5 years ago
Sort of.

It sounds like a ring-tone!
the matrix used in the full audio tool is MUCH larger, you can make more detailed images
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