Cutting Circuit Board with ESD precautions

I thought I read a post on a pretty ESD-safe way to cut a circuit board without harming the chips on it. Anyone have that info? I did a search with no luck.

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Goodhart10 years ago
Depending on how accurate one needed to be, I have used nippers already. But they do tend to shatter that way.
royalestel (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Yeah, I thought about nippers, but I have rejected that idea on religious principles; i.e. I can't make a clean cut with nippers to save my brother's life. ;) Thanks for responding though!
Yeah, some of the older boards were "softer" and if you kept the nips really small, it could be done....but, it still would not be very clean. I wasn't sure how much accuracy you needed :-) .

Um, on the idea of the "hacksaw" have you tried a coping saw ? Grounding it would eliminate the static charges, and you could be a little more discretionary in the direction you were cutting (unless you need straight lines only; in that case, go with the hacksaw).
royalestel (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Coping saw, yes, hmmmm I bet that would work fine. I had to abandon the hacksaw idea--it was too large for the board. I resorted to whittling it down with an exacto.
This idea may seem like overkill but,how about using a diamond tile cutter with water bath. BTW: what are you trying to do? Cheers, Pat. Pending
royalestel (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Ah, I think I'm going with a grounded hacksaw. I'm trying to shrink an MP3 player for a secret Halloween project.