Cutting gaps in wood?

Alright, so I have this plank of wood, it's been sitting in my backyard for a long time, so I figured I'd do something with it. I cut a piece off and the dimensions are about 3.5" long, 2.75" wide, and 5/8" thick. I want to know (because I can't think of a way) if there's a way to cut a gap in the wood so I could put something inside with minimal cutting. It's really hard for me to explain, so you might need to check the pictures. I was thinking about using my Dremel, but I still don't know how that would work out. I have lots of wood to waste, so any ideas would help. Thanks!

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Bran (author) 10 years ago
Thanks all. I have been out working on this for about 2 hours now, so I didn't read all of your recent posts till now. I got it done, but it's pretty much a prototype, I most likely will make another. My approach was to take my Dremel and just use cut-off wheels and just cut through it. It worked pretty well, except for the fact that I broke 5 wheels. Whoops. Anyway, I just cut straight through, so I had a hole. Then I used my table (band?) saw to cut a small passageway for my headphones to go through. Then I took the rest of the plank and made two more similar sized pieces of wood, but didn't cut them. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm still thinking about what to do next, but I know eventually I'll glue the 3 pieces together. If y'all have any more great ideas, please let me know, I need about all the help I can get. Thanks so much!
Lextone10 years ago
I know what you are trying to do. Get a router attachment for your Dremel. Then rout it out at about an 1/8 inch at a time until you reach the desired depth. Any more you will burn the wood. Get a round over bit and make nice smooth corners. The Router kits go for about 20 bucks or less, but well worth it for small projects. Lex
jtobako10 years ago
I assume you don't want to cut it out because you don't have a power jigsaw or scroll saw. You could drill as close to the line as possible, then use the dremel sanding attachment to clean up the hole like this:
drilling pattern.jpeg
jtobako jtobako10 years ago
Oh, if you try the one on the right, drill the small holes first, otherwise the drill will tend to drift into the larger hole.
Drill down with a forstner drill bit, take the rest of the material out with a chisel. If you know anyone who has one a mortising machine would make this child's play.
Brennn1010 years ago
Maybe start off by making the first cuts with a Dremel, if you have one. The maybe chisel or carve the rest out. And sand it down? I am not sure.
Bran (author)  Brennn1010 years ago
I'll try it. Thanks again.
Bran (author) 10 years ago
Like I said, I really suck at explaining things that I haven't done. The idea is make a case for my iPod Shuffle. I'm using wood because I don't want it to look "cool" or "hip" or "fashionable". The depth of the wood is about .625" thick. The iPod is only .41" thick, so I was thinking about that much, maybe a bit more, cut through the top, the cut going down 1.07" and across 1.62", which are the dimensions of the iPod. I used the word gap, it's probably more like a slot. I just didn't really want to have to cut the wood all up and then glue it back together, it wouldn't be as strong that way, in my mind. Thanks.
Cameronk10 years ago
i'm no real expert but how i would do it is use a jigsaw on both side or something like that to cut down about halfway or so. then just either bang the heck out of it until it pops out or just take like a saw and cut through it...

remember ----I'm----no---expert---
Brennn1010 years ago
Do you want that traced piece taken out? Or cut out about half-way?