Cyber War with a Shovel?

A 75 year old woman has cut Armenia off from the internet.

Whilst scavenging for copper in neighbouring Georgia, Hayastan Shakarian accidentally severed the fibre-optic cable connecting all three of Armenia's internet wholesale providers, and the whole country was cut off for almost 12 hours until after midnight on the night of 28th March.

The pensioner has been arrested, and could face three years in prison, but has been released pending the completion of the investigation and the result of the prosecution.

Armenian websites identified Shakarian as Armenian herself, not Georgian, and questioned the credibility of an old lady causing the blackout, claiming similar damage in Georgia has caused problems for Armenia in the past.


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crapflinger6 years ago
dude, it's bad enough for a medium sized company to have only one "wire" coming in, but an entire country and 3 isps using one fiber run? well that's just silly. i'd be digging a trench to azerbaijan if i were them
Kiteman (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
You'd be surprised how many countries have only a minimal connection to the rest of the world's internet:

Even when countries have lots of connecting cables, they all seem to go in at one location, so it wouldn't be hard to disconnect most countries from the web.

Back in the days of telegraph, all the transatlantic traffic went through a small wooden shed on a beach on the south coast of England.

There's that shed again. I had no idea that you were that old!
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I was doing an assembly, and I threw in a phrase "when I qualified as a teacher, just before the Great War..."

Not a blink from the kids.


i don't get it, but i can tell that it was a joke.
Kiteman (author)  Doctor Freeman6 years ago

You've never heard of the Great War???

Nobody but nobody calls it that here - it's WWI. (IIRC king kolton9 is American)
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago

Everybody else, AFAIK, uses both names interchangeably (after all, they didn't know it was "I" until "II" came along).

ahh, this morning i was think about ww1.
Lithium rain, you do know that kiteman knows I'm american, right?
Kiteman, question Bear grills said something about a tree in britan, (or that area) and he mentioned the solders call it the (the entire name was censored, literally.. 0_o) ********* Tree. It has throns all down it's trunk, and when you touch you hand to it, you thorns in your hand. he mentiond, that they also call it the giver, and taker of life, because while the thorns can kill you, the sap, or liquid in the tree has jucies in it. What is it called?
Kiteman, Were you really born in the 4 year period of 1913-1918, (1914, instead of 1914, because he said "Before The Great War." if thats true, you have to at least be 97! (98, if you alredy celebrated your birthday.)
So thats why you are so wise... (an old man, no offence that can work a computer, NICE!!!) Did you fight in the war?
Finnaly the "True Great War" for america was either WW2, or the American civil war against britian.
Kiteman (author)  Doctor Freeman6 years ago
No, I'm nowhere near so old, though I often feel it.

(And, regarding the American Civil War, it was against America, not Britain. That's what a civil war is - a war where the same country wins and loses.)

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