Cyclist attacks again...

Uh this is annoying after last year when there were attacks on cyclists made by motorists I've been thinking it better not happen again this year, well my fears turn out to be well founded, just as our bike month kicks off so does the war on cyclists...

Coming down the hill towards work, going well over the posted speed limit of 30mph a boy racer in a vauxhall corsa boxed me in and tried to run me in to parked cars, i managed to get in front of him and out from behind the parked cars, he then went on the wrong side of the road and overtook me, only to try and brake check me, I was absolutely incensed he was looking me right in the eye through the rear view mirror, He got away at the junction at the bottom of the hill because the light was green and he was going straight on, I was going to take out his wingmirror but nay he didn't stop, next time I see the car I'll get his liscence plate numbers, then report his car as stolen... because he'd get off scott free for attacking me like that, despite having endangered my life and broken the speed limit by a lot more than I did...

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SerJ9 years ago
happy living in amsterdam... no danger to you cyclists here from cars, buses, trams or trucks, even if you havent got a gram of common cycle safety sense in your head. or a helmet on your head. which nobody here has. red light? (traffic light :)) does this mean stop? or keep cycling? i would say it means stop. dutch people would say 'red light? whatever..' thank god for my rechargeable 115db air-horn, powered by nothing but simple air pressure (instructable in progress). car drivers are surprised. tram drivers are surprised. where is the sound coming from? disadvantage. nobody knows its coming from the 4" horn mounted under my handlebars. desperately need a low-quality video feed from my hat to a flash drive or similar, to catch any offenders in my right of way. any ideas appreciated. help.
killerjackalope (author)  SerJ9 years ago
Cheapo mini dv cam and a 4gb sd card would give hours of recording... I tend to be really nuts, also going way faster than traffic into junctions makes 'em move, when they realsie their wingmirrors about to take flight....
evilwes9 years ago
I hate people like this, I ride a motorcycle and run into the same problem sometimes. Just carry a small amount of Armor Etch (acid glass etching cream) to toss on their windshield, you can pick it up at a hobby store or arts and craft store and the stuff starts working almost as soon as it hits glass.
killerjackalope (author)  evilwes9 years ago
Yeah, I'm just about to go for my car liscence then get my bike liscence, it's kinda funny one of my mates has me on pillion alot, turn round and remove their hood ornament or snap the grill, or number plate for that matter... I like the armor etch idea, sounds nice and evil....
Sun Gear9 years ago
i hate jerks like that. get a wood ball and hammer nails all the way through so the poity ends are on the outside of the ball.
killerjackalope (author)  Sun Gear9 years ago
lol how charming dear, a young man on a bicycular vehicle is attempting to assasinate us with a wood based stabbing ball, where is jeoffry, he would enjoy this.
skunkbait9 years ago
Next time he gets right behind you, maybe you could "accidentally" drop something large/heavy/pointy/flammable in his path. Hey, you couldn't hold onto the can of paint/bag of railroad spikes/ molitov cocktail while trying to get out of this maniac's way. It's not your fault he was going too fast to avoid an "accident"!
killerjackalope (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
Hehe, those are all a little over used, I was considering a bag with a baby tiger... Then a jar full of napalm, then just flick my feg butt at his car....
Brennn109 years ago
Wow, that person sounds like a complete jerk. Definitely report him, because you could really get hurt if somebody is doing something stupid like that.
killerjackalope (author)  Brennn109 years ago
I know and I plan to,just gotta get his plates...
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