this is the DD-27, high power compact assault rifle. this is the V2.75 version. you can see pics of the other version on this forum. please comment. instructions are on the way.

Picture of DD-27
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MI69 years ago
post it !
dsman195276 (author)  MI69 years ago
...it is...
nice post
dsman195276 (author)  darth acexxacer9 years ago
if you build you better watch out!
dsman195276 (author)  darth acexxacer9 years ago
thanks! i just finished taking the pictures for the instructable and are about to upload them. this thing is CRAZY powerful, i explain why in the instructable, but for now just keep this in mind, with 2 rubber bands i can shoot a grey rod all the way through a cardboard box(well one side) from 10-20 feet away!