DD-Kyt Mods

Ok i want people to post pictures of their Moded DD-Kyts here. As most of you might know i realy want to build the perfect sidearm and believe that if we all work together we can do it! So far im working an a way to stop it from jamming (pain in the @$$!)

Picture of DD-Kyt Mods
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TheDunkis9 years ago
If we start the PSA I think it should be from scratch. I do like the angle you got using the type of handle. I might just use the D. Falcon's magazine again and see if I could attach it differently. I think that we have to make a good trigger behind the handle but under the bottom not over the top as I'm also planning on a slide. Yerjoking already has the trigger part thought out.
I actually had an idea for the trigger, but when I made it, it sacrificed a little holding room on the handle. The slide I can't figure out at the moment, and the removable mag isn't quite necessary.
I could easily make a removeable mag for this.
Only using knex parts and a handle only 3 connectors wide?
Using abit of paper and tape, or I could make a removeable that didn't need tape, but I'd have to give it the extended mag look (the extended part holds the ammo) that way you could still have it removeable ;)
K, I actually just thought of an idea for one where instead of inserting the mag into the bottom of the handle. you clip it into the side of the handle. That opens up a whole new range of potential possibilities in my little, complicated head.
Or flip open the side, then put some rounds in, easier than clicking a mag in!
Yeah but the only problem is it might have to have a straight mag, I'm building the prototype now, I'll give pics when I'm done.
cool can't wait to see!
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