DIY Air-Powered Moped

This custom moped runs on compressed air to get you across town with no pollution and no noise. Just make sure you're not going too far as the range is only 7 miles and top speed is 18 mph.

Still, a cool idea to work from.


Picture of DIY Air-Powered Moped
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PKM9 years ago
OK- it's got big metal tanks on the side, a piston engine and presumably makes a "chug chug chug" noise while running. When someone combines the design with this, I will be first in line with my chequebook out, 18mph top speed or no.

Where do compressed air engines even come from? I keep looking from time to time but all I find are Stirling engines and those model aeroplanes.
Kiteman PKM9 years ago
There are air-powered cars as well.
If you can actually bear the slow delivery of this programme, its pretty interesting, especially the second type of engine.




Those links are better than the one I saw the other day - same vehicle, but different - and much more sensationalist - documentary, ending with a comment so stupid, it hurts.


Toward the end of the clip, the presenter say something to the effect "...and they've also developed a compressor for charging the air tanks - that runs on compressed air!' - so one day they'll be able to build it into the car and it will recharge itself as you drive it around! - a perpetual motion machine!"


So there it is folks - a car powered by the spinning corpses of the scientists who formulated the laws of thermodynamics.
they probably were mixing up the two engines, the one that runs efficiently with the one that also compresses air on the fly with petrol; and they forgot about the petrol LOL
Cool ! A modified Wankle
Brennn109 years ago
Now, if someone could get the contacts of this guy, and tell him to make an instructable...
jongscx9 years ago
OMG OMG OMG!!!! that's an old Toro Tomos frame isn't it?!?
jongscx jongscx9 years ago
oh yeah, and how do you pedal?
You are not meant to. The whole point was to create a moped that ran on air.
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