DIY Batman Tumbler Go Kart

This guy built his own Batman Tumbler go kart. With his plans you can make your own. They'll cost you a little over $30 for the plans, but it looks like that will be a small fraction of the total time and expenses for this project anyway.

But, Mr. Batman Tumbler Go Kart Guy, if you're reading this, we'd always be willing to host your plans here to open up this design to the world.

eBay listing via Neatorama

Skip to 1:40 to see the go kart in action.

Picture of DIY Batman Tumbler Go Kart
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cliffyd1 year ago

take this off instructables, should just be a youtube video if theres no plans to go with it!

cliffyd1 year ago

why would you stop selling the plans? Makes no sense. Unless you bought this from someone and didnt build it in the first place

mg0930mg8 years ago
I'll make one and put up my plans for free. :)

hi! im going to do this for my school project! but i dont have a plan yet! so can u pls mail your plan to me? pls man u r doing a great help for me! here it is ''''

i would very much like those plans you say you have. He has stopped selling the plans since 2010.
maxreif8 years ago
i got mine to revers so i win
Is there any chance i can get those plans that you bought. T-man has stopped selling the plans and i am trying to find a place to get them.
Soooo cool!!!!!!
TSC6 years ago
I saw the video before I saw this!
novakfor38 years ago
That is awesome!
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