DIY Batman Tumbler is Ultimate Fan Creation

The new Batman movies are so awesome that this fan decided to make his own version of the Tumbler, Batman's burly ride. The final cost is around $50k-$70k and an undoubtedly insane amount of time devoted to research, design, and fabrication.

Oh, and he made a kickass Batsuit as well. Nutty.


Picture of DIY Batman Tumbler is Ultimate Fan Creation
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tomonto9 years ago
Wow that's cool but..... I have to ask, why?
Because it's both much cooler and much cheaper than a Ferrari. Any more questions? lol
its not really ...practical....
Neither is a Ferrari.
Ferraris are more practical than this. plus they look better.
Try driving a Ferrari over a speed-bump.
most ferraris clear speed bumps, if i'm not much mistaken..
... carefully, and it depends on the speed bumps.

There was a Top Gear episode where they drove three supercars through Paris, including a Ferrari, and they couldn't get them out of a car-park. That was just the start of their problems...

heh, i was thinking of top gear for that. they have ferraris on their track time board, and they have to clear speedbumps to get up there, don't they? that was my feeble justification.
I expect they get most of their cars on the back of trucks, weeks before transmission (if you watch, the car they put round the track is frequently a different colour to the one they lean on in the studio and say "when we put this car around our track...").

BTW, did you know that the waiting list for tickets to Top Gear is 19 years long??
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