DIY Challenge Portable Filtered Ventilation System

Hello inventors and creative minds. I'm an airbrush enthusiast and I'm looking for an inexpensive way to build a portable ventilation system. I'm curious if anyone has built something that would work by using cheap home filters. Please send any ideas and suggestions

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i have a science project to do its about how can i make a cheap car ventilation system. plz help

lancruz (author) 9 years ago
To get me by, I did something very similar, but I didn't use a box. I had a variable speed fan too, and I just duct tape the filter to the fan. I like your design though. I know it's simple, but I was tired of getting paint up my nose! :P I'll probably incorporate the cheap box with the old computer side. Thanks
I teach art at a middle school in Ca, I made a very cheap spray booth. I used an HP computer box, (that happened to be the same size as a regular house box fan $10) regular house box fan, and some home filters... oh and a lot of duct tape.

I could go into a lengthy description... here are some pics.
The fan (in the back) home box fan = $10
HP box = $0
Cheap house filters = $3-5 (get a size that fits in the box.)
$5 for roll of red duct tape

I took all the filters and just stacked them in front of the fan... when the front on gets full I throw it away. After a while I replace them all... The fan in the back is slightly tilted (this was because the fan handle, didn't want to cut a hole for it) turns out this worked really good, now I can put it flush against a wall the the fan still works. Oh, bamboo sticks in front? I put little bits of tape on the bottom to hold the paper that kids paint on, turn the fan on and the air flow holds the paper against the sticks. I have been using this for almost a year. Under $20 bucks! Adjustable speed... can't beat it.

Best part... if it gets wrecked I can make another one real easy.
lancruz (author) 10 years ago
I hadn't thought about the activated carbon. That's an additional item that could be added when I use auto paint. However, the paint I'm using now is non-toxic acrylic for t-shirts and canvas so activated carbon doesn't have to be installed initially.
lancruz (author) 10 years ago
I'm looking for something to pull the paint particles into a changeable filter. I would like to recycle the air rather then adding a permanent duct work with extensions pointing outside of the garage. The issue is that particles of paint fly everywhere in my garage. If I need to paint a mural on an indoor wall, the particles flying around could end up on furniture too. I could cover everything as a precaution, but it may not be practical. I'm looking for something portable, so I can move it easily. It can be something thats easily dismantled. The fan should be strong enough to pull the particles into the fan, but not disrupt the flow of the airbrush.
Kiteman10 years ago
I a simple fan (blowing across your work-bench) not enough?

Do you need fumes to be actually extracted? How far?

How portable do you need it? Do you need to carry it around all the time, or is it OK to have it easily-dismantle-able?
. Sounds to me like he wants to get rid of paint fumes. . Basically all that is needed is a fan, some mechanical filtration (to protect the carbon), a carbon pack to get rid of the vapors, a place to exhaust, and the ducting to pipe it all up. . On a small scale, you might be able to use computer case fan(s), clothes dryer flexible duct, modified air conditioner filter and a box full of activated carbon ... plus a lot of duct tape.