DIY Daft Punk helmet is awesome

Harrison Krix has made the best DIY version of the Daft Punk helmets, this is the Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet, that I've seen so far. He made it over the course of 17 months and while that's quite a long time the results are pretty stellar. Check out the video with several hundred photos of the build process and click the link below for more info and pics.

Daft Punk: FINAL!

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This is amazing, the detail and effort is impressive.
mercuryqiqi4 years ago
Hey, buddy thanks for providing such a cool and interesting list. I can learn much thing from your article, and I can also share with my friends!!!
DIY93934 years ago
So cool! I love Daft Punk! :D
zajawasz4 years ago
Amazing! but so many work... :P
kellaorion4 years ago
murphybedhq4 years ago
AWESOME love these helmets :)
Gumby455 years ago
I'm really jealous of eccentric inventors such as you; I can't even begin to comprehend making something as intricate as this. In fact, that's how it is with 90% of the instructables I see. I really wish I could make these things. ;n;
Gumby45 Gumby455 years ago
Oh, woopsie xD
fungus amungus (author)  Gumby455 years ago
Thanks, but it's not mine.
HMice5 years ago
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