DIY Daft Punk helmet is awesome

Harrison Krix has made the best DIY version of the Daft Punk helmets, this is the Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet, that I've seen so far. He made it over the course of 17 months and while that's quite a long time the results are pretty stellar. Check out the video with several hundred photos of the build process and click the link below for more info and pics.

Daft Punk: FINAL!

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This is amazing, the detail and effort is impressive.
mercuryqiqi3 years ago
Hey, buddy thanks for providing such a cool and interesting list. I can learn much thing from your article, and I can also share with my friends!!!
DIY93933 years ago
So cool! I love Daft Punk! :D
zajawasz3 years ago
Amazing! but so many work... :P
kellaorion3 years ago
murphybedhq3 years ago
AWESOME love these helmets :)
Gumby454 years ago
I'm really jealous of eccentric inventors such as you; I can't even begin to comprehend making something as intricate as this. In fact, that's how it is with 90% of the instructables I see. I really wish I could make these things. ;n;
Gumby45 Gumby454 years ago
Oh, woopsie xD
fungus amungus (author)  Gumby454 years ago
Thanks, but it's not mine.
HMice5 years ago
Sly19945 years ago
I love Daft Punk, I love you.
akon555 years ago
thanks dear this is nice i like it..
godofal7 years ago
this is pretty damn awesome!
Holy F---! dats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
supermau55 years ago
i noticed you habe like 10 heads.....can i have one??? u know cause it is soo EPIC
seoerchen6 years ago
Well written article, well researched and useful for me in the future.I am so happy you took the time and effort to make this. See you around
Oh,It'sso good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap this is so cool!!!!!! dude can you post an instructable on HOW you make this!?
Achan206 years ago
.............. EPIC........ this makes the halo helmet i made look like a pile of news papers. dude this is epic.
aaannnndddd shiiiny O.O
It looks so good because he did it the hard way, man i wish i had a Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet. MAking one in litttle big planet 2 is not as good as having one in real life
you know... people tell others doing useless things "get a job!!" i am have say you just made jobs... this is really great.. are you going to sell them?
Yea, I agree! I hate it when people say.... "That guy has too much time on his hands" and the other similar sayings. I say that most people do have extra time on their hands... Just depends on what you do with that time... Watch television? Watch some sports? Go down to the pub? Most people here probably go and build stuff!! LOL!
running7 years ago
DraccoXX7 years ago
Wow yo props props.
penumbra_7 years ago
Now we need to see a good approximation of the new Deadmau5 head. That is amazing.
fungus amungus (author)  penumbra_7 years ago that guy?

that looks pretty easy.....giant foam ball with a head space cut out of it, and big mouse ears...of course, i don't know if there are any electronics involved (i would imagine there would be, since it's a DJ's outfit...what's the point of having it be static?) here's an example of a basic one
Friend made one.. later added the "press to turn on" under-shelf lights (circular, adhesive on one side.. you know what i'm talking about..) as eyes.. (Pic is a vector conversion, can't find original photo.)
full_metal7 years ago
i would like someone to put a full instructable on for this so i could make one myself, i think it would be briliant for fancey dress partys :)
Can I PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE buy one of them from you? Even without electronics it would be bomb! Ive been try to make something with a face shield like that for months.
The guy who made this is a pro.It would cost 2k+ for one.Plus,he says he's not making any more since he's been getting too many requests and he can't do his prop-making work.

Pay attention to the text at the top - this is the work of someone else (posted here because it's that good):
(as there)


DAFT PUNK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been listening to them longer than i can remember P.S im twelve
Dude I'm twelve too and my older brother got me hooked on Daft Punk. Personally, I feel that Da Funk and Burnin' are noteworthy.
FethrdWlf7 years ago
Oh my God I'm totally jealous!
supersuper7 years ago
How the hell did he fabricate the acrylic visor for the helmet? Did he have a professional vacuum mould done?
in the video description he says that he had a company do all the vacuu-forming for him
Atarimark7 years ago
Very impressive... Impressive indeed...
Andrewid7 years ago
JVC-Force7 years ago
Flawless finish. Does he work for movie production (like making props)? This is no amateur job.
Yeah, if you look around online you can find his website where he documents the build process for this helmet. And yes, he makes props for a living. Nicely done though, right?
I see. I love seeing craftsmanship.
i think i saw this guy at comic con
I also discovered this guy a while back. It's cool to see that he succeeded.
Doddity7 years ago
Man i saw this ages ago back when he was on the first step. I found him somehow with his big daddy build and have followed him for a while. AWESOME
lemonie7 years ago

One word or line isn't really enough to describe this, it's something you have to see isn't it?

You should probably add the leds.....bro. -ronald rey
Pumuckl7 years ago
This is amazing!
bowmaster7 years ago
Dang, this is awesome. When I was watching the making of the helmet I was thinking "hmm, doesn't look too hard" Then I saw the electronics and I though "DANG"!!!!
The Rambler7 years ago
I wish I had just a smidge of the time, money, skill, and know-how to pull something like this off... though you would see me walking around in stormtrooper armor not a Daft Punk costume. Seriously amazing though.
josephluiz7 years ago
crazy.... very...
knektek7 years ago
H1T4TCH17 years ago
tofu17 years ago
Loved the video. You are epic.
skeplin7 years ago
Nice, i'm inspired
eskimojo7 years ago
Volpin FTW! some crazy work. It looks so expensive, and I want one so bad.
slopilot7 years ago
Mad props, Harrison! Hats off to ya.
Kaiven7 years ago
HE FINISHED IT?! I have been waiting for ever since I saw the build going on. Holy FREAK it is so AWESOME! ... Ehem... Excuse me. Daftpunk <3