DIY Plexiglass Window

Hey guys, time for another update of what I've been up to lately in my spare time. The other day I just finished a project, where I decided to take some scrap plexiglass and install it as a window in the top of my subwoofer, just like how more expensive pre-built subwoofer boxes have them.

I tried to take pictures as I went along with it. Trust me, I may only have a handful of picture, but it took A LOT. Most of the hard work was chiseling the MDF board to fit a groove for the plexiglass to sit in and make a seal.

P.S.: Chiseling MDF board is like chiseling cardboard, very easy to take too much out!

Also, does anyone have any ideas as to HOW I could get some of the deeper scratches out of the plexiglass??? I'll be taking it apart to re-bevel the edge of the seal once I find the damn wood router, so when I do that I'd like to buff the plexiglass out a bit.

Also, I think I own bragging rights for doing this.

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caitlinsdad7 years ago
 Pffftttt. Spade bits and reciprocating saw? Chainsaw is what you need.
 and you get bragging rights when you take that chainsaw and carve up a chunk of clear ice and put speakers in them.
Punkguyta (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
 And then consequently kill said speakers from melting ice...
Not in Siberia they wouldn't.
 Made in Canada.