DIY Pocket hole jig [plans or how to] [for DIY furniture projects]

Pocket hole jigs are really handy for DIY furniture but also expensive. I'm looking for some good plans to make my own with basic tools (hand saws, miter box... that kind of thing) any suggestions?

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boatpuller3 years ago

For about $9.00, you can buy one similar to the magazine's jig you posted, . Plus, it is a better design as it has a vent for the saw dust. For about twice that, you can get it packaged with a drill bit, stop collar, and wrench.

I think there are places to save money and build your own, but I DON'T think this is one of those places.

Mr_Liss3 years ago

Harbor freight tools has a nice one for a good price. Check out for a 25% off coupon. You can get one that's better than Kreg's top of the line for much less money.

Mr_Liss Mr_Liss3 years ago

67.99 minus 25% coupon available from

You will have a much better jig than you can make on your own.

Mr_Liss Mr_Liss3 years ago

Keep in mind that you will also need a drill bit. The HFT pocket hole jig comes with the required drill bit plus a stop that ensures the holes are drilled to the correct depth and not further. It will be very difficult to make your own drill bit.

B_____Squared (author) 3 years ago

After some Googleing I found this:

I'm still interested if someone has a better one