DIY Satellite (BBC Orbiter competition)

Ever fancied making your own satellite?

Now you can! The BBC is running a challenge to build a modern equivalent of the old Sputnik 1.

Do you fancy building you own Sputnik? We've given you an idea how easy it could be, now the Magazine wants to hear from willing volunteers. We can even come and film you putting it together. We'll also investigate how to get your Sputniks launched.

I've already volunteered - just imagine the Instructable that could result; the first DIY website in space!

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GitarGr810 years ago
Not sure how tough it would be, but a small CCD camera pointed at the earth would be a cool addition to your orbiting website. You could also add a GPS receiver and geostamp the photos.
Kiteman (author)  GitarGr810 years ago
The mobile I've scrounged to stand in as a transmitter has a camera in it... (OMG, the work I'm giving myself! I wonder if school will give me a month or three off?)
Hell if you associate them you might get a little extra funding. As a few add ins look at code from the webcams set up at the likes of Nurburgring, allowing a live feed of images taken at set intervals to be added to sites.
Kiteman (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Oh, I doubt I'll ever get this done (I posted this thread a year ago!), and I know I won't get any cash from my school (the budget is tighter now that we're closing - we've lost all the long-term funding).

Maybe I'll hold onto the idea until I get settled into high school.

No, better - I'll use it in interviews; hire this teacher, he comes with his own space programme... , although, the first teacher into space never quite got back...
Ha, well it would look good on the resume, I've been applying for new jobs myself and found that memorable things help loads, for example a recent one the guy got talking with me about projects and things and saying anything about my jet engine got an amazing response, not as a main point but as a way to make you stick in their mind. A space program would have a similar effect I suspect. Granted there are a lot of other existing places that may be willing to fund you in return for publicity, also other than education etc. the lottery have been doing a lot of community funding lately, they're the people backing the projects that took me to Westminster abbey.
Kiteman (author) 10 years ago
As I said, I have volunteered for this. I have not had a reply yet - the BBC are notoriously slow at responding to anything except criticism (when they bury the evidence like lightning!) - but I really would like to take part. Is anybody else planning to have a go? Does anybody have any ideas they are willing to share with me?
I'd like to participate, but I have so many urgent works pending that I would heve scruples to postpone some of them again ... About ideas : - I was vaguely imagining a miniaturized sputnik-like satellite of less than a kg ... something that could fit in a pocket ... :o)
Kiteman (author)  chooseausername10 years ago
I'd assume that size is inversely proportional to the amount of money spent. The whole capability of Sputnik could be enclosed in a widget the size of a mobile phone, space-hardening and all. "Our" budget would probably come out with a shoe-box sized doodad.
p2man10 years ago
I would think that the idea of it orbiting would be a secondary feature. The primary feature would be to have the same functions as Sputnik 1, density of high atmospheric layers, radio-signal distribution. If we appropriate those terms to our present days, I'm sure we will not really require it to orbit around earth. Something a little more like a metaphor maybe? :)
Ahhh...if only I had the money.
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