DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long. 

The things you need: 
-copper wire
-av cables
-box without the lid
-magnet from a speaker
-av cables
-stereo to connect to the av cable
-tape to put you copper on the box

caitlinsdad5 years ago
The only thing you may have been testing is the efficiency of the driving coil that vibrates the magnet? Using a paper box or tin as the cone would be limited by the acoustic qualities it can produce. Just a guess.
Emilie Kunkel (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Its just physics class....
Ah, then you should look up how to make a speaker from a piece of paper and conductive paint or turn a wall into a speaker or making your skull a speaker like those electric toothbrushes which vibrate your teeth and you hear it without external speakers.