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I gave up my B&W speakers that I've had since I was 16, which was a long time ago. I'm now in the market for some DIY speaker ideas. There are a bunch of speaker Instructables, but I would like to do something new and hopefully unique. Does anyone have photos of what they have built for inspiration?

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LoneWolf7 years ago
I made some nice speakers I have in my room, their not real powerfull but it's got a woofer and is plenty loud enough to fill a large room with sound.
duder1457 years ago
 Deadmau5 speakers!!!
that would be epic

kmeza duder1457 years ago
oh god i would love those!
andaroide7 years ago
monster speakers rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
osiris sr7 years ago
the box could be wood i built several pair of woden speaker boxs i'm not talking abot particle board (oh I hate partical board) wafer board even more. no think of musical instrements string insturments. maye a pair of speakers shaped like guitars obvious but use mahagoney wood in 38th thicknexx for the acustic proteries of this wood. no not screws glue or biscuits no nails no screws. think flat panel speakers too no need for ams just your celly silly.
Innell177 years ago
gmoon7 years ago
These fiberglass "snail cabs" are pretty sweet...
jeff-o gmoon7 years ago
I wonder, could a RepRap (or something similar) be used to make crazy speaker enclosures that would be otherwise impossible to build? 
gmoon jeff-o7 years ago
No idea. I guess that would depend on the density of the 3D printing media...
gmoon gmoon7 years ago
Ooops. Here's the original site.
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