DIY Tadpole Cargo Tricycles Plans

Does anyone know where I can get complete, easy to follow plans for building a cargo bike similar to the Haley bikes out of Oregon?

I am not the handiest person nor do I have a shop, welder etc. but I can have some of this done, with good plans.

 There are good plans on this site but they seem  to assume more technical knowledge then I have or at least it seems that way at this point in my search.

I have been unable to find plans for sale that are for front load cargo tadpole tricycles.

Any info would be appreciated.


dark85872 years ago

I know this post is really old and you probably already found what you are looking for but for anyone else who comes across this, This group out of the netherlands made some pretty cool options using mainly aluminum square tubing and standard hardware and bike parts. As far as tadpole trikes go, as you can see at the linked page, they have both an upright with a cargo box on the front, and a recumbent design. The plans for the recumbents are even linked free right on the page.

5hockwave5 years ago
By tadpoles do you mean a bike that grows. I want one.
FoolishSage5 years ago
I dont know if you mean this but if it is then the dutch call it a Bakfiets try These. I hope this is what you are looking for. The site is in dutch but the drawings should be clear in any language.