DIY USB WIFI antenna

Ok so basicly at my school they have two different WIFI spots one is near the classrooms that I work in and is WEP protected and only for teachers and the other one is in another building and is not WEP protected and I can only get that signal if I am in that building. So what I want to do is make my own WIFI antenna so that I can get the unprotected signal while in my classroom. I want to make a USB wifi antenna pretty much.

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
You could also try to use a repeater placed somewhere in between
whats a reapeter? something that extends Wi-Fi signals?
jackillac92 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
what does that mean?
It receives the signal from at access point and rebroadcasts it to you, and then it receives your signal and rebroadcasts it the access point, How ever this involves you getting a repeater, plugging in a repeater and leaving it there for some one else to take home with them while your not looking... And you will more then likely need the schools permission.... It might be easer to ask them to simply use a better antenna and then no one needs any equipment....

I know the kids school IT guy had no problem putting up a another Access Point for the kids on the other side of the school, they just asked him real nicely....

(( but for a cheap repeater you can use a WRT-54G wireless router from linksys and change the firmware on it, there is hundreds of linksys hacks on the net, has lots of good info and if you buy a router make sure to check the version number some won't work ))
You used to be able to get fon rounters for $5 and flash dd-wrt on them and use them as repeaters. Anyone know if there is any way to get those? Any other cheap routers I could use?
recycle centers, I juts got one two weeks ago complete with power supply jumper cable and antennas all in a clean shopping bag, people toss out the bricked routers all the time and unbricking them doesn't take long and if your loading dd-wrt on them it's should be easy for you, but you might need to build your self a Jtag but that's nothing more then a few resistors and a old printer cable.... I would like to see a hack for the new ADSL modem router wirelsss combo units as there is lots of those showing by me as more people go with cable company modems .....
Good stuff! I'll have to look around and see if I can find one of those places here in santa fe.
try putting up a request on in your area (( Normally I just ask for a broken what ever your looking for, For Parts )) And if you contact your cities administration they should know where you have to take E-Waste so it's recycled and not ending up in there landfills and go there ask real nice if you can shop for free and try not to take to much stuff home (( You'll end up in trouble with the other half or parents if they see you coming home with 6 laser printers 10 computers 7 monitors 2 UPS 2 scanners countless power supplies and an autoclave, trust me on this one I know from experience ..... Oh and if you have an inverter take it with you this helps weed out lots of junk on the spot .... and earplugs will reduce the db at which you;'ll get yelled at ))
I put up an ad on freecycle (thanks for reminding me, I forgot you could post wanted) Hehe, they wouldn't care as long as its stored neatly and goes soon. (I'm thinking of selling these sorts of things) Totally agree, and inverter and jump starter work wonders together.
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