DIY Wall of Death

The wall of death is a large cylinder with a banked floor that allows motorcycle daredevils to ride on the walls. These guys wanted their own and with a spare field, 850 pallets, and some plywood they did it.

Check out the video to see the build process and an example of what can go wrong while riding in it.

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Picture of DIY Wall of Death
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Der Bradly8 years ago
you won't believe it we actually tried to build a sphere of death once it worked out well enough until it became loose and i nearly broke by neck lol
ezcheese8 years ago
If any of you ever get the chance watch an Irish movie from the 80's called Eat the Peach about two guys who build their own Wall of Death.
Plasmana8 years ago
That is amazing! I wonder how long it took them to build it??
Looks like quite a while to me. If they'd been American, or German maybe, they'd have made plans and bought wood, and made a door so they didn't have to lower the bike in... That's what I like about this "What can we do with all these pallets?" - "Massive fire!" - "No, let's build a wall of death!" - "OK I'll get some nails..."

Kiteman8 years ago
WoD is very cool. There is only one (other) proper set-up working in the UK now, and I've seen it twice.

When the bikes get to the top edge of the wall (and they get within a tyre's width), the whole thing moves inches side-to-side.
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
My uncle used to ride the wall of death !! He rode motorbikes and sometimes go-karts, I dont think i have a picture of him, there all at my grandparents house. ill look for one tomorrow. actually i might have a book, ill scan a photo in and show you :D
Kiteman =SMART=8 years ago
Oh, that is a very cool kind of uncle to have!
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
They run with classic bikes don't they, do steam-fairs? (missed 'em every time) L
Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
They do, plus a go-kart. They even have a pretty blonde who takes a turn with the bikes.
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