DIY Wallet Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the DIY Wallet Challenge! The variety and creativity of the wallets were impressive- you used everything from batteries to bike tires, and produced wallets in many different shapes and sizes.

The entire Instructables community judged this contest- ratings and page views as recorded this morning at 10am Pacific Time determined the winners. We appreciate your help, and realized we should modify the awards to properly represent your votes.

Thus, we're giving away another category of second prize- the next three highest rated wallets will also receive Instructables Robot t-shirts!

First Prize
Highest ratings. Winner receives a beta Eye-Fi Eye-Film card and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Knobby All Terrain Rubber Wallet with Optional Smack-lights (Drop Alert Sensor) by ineluctable

Second Prize- Page Views
Greatest page veiws. Each winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Bitchin' Innertube Wallet by jmengel
(eng) YAW (Yet Another Wallet) Made from recycled stuff!!! -- (esp) Cartera hecha con material reciclado by TonyRomero
Super Thin Tyvek Card Sleeve Wallet! by marksbren

Second Prize- Rating
Next highest ratings. Each winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Accordion-Style Card Wallet by themostbob
DIY: The Magic Flip Wallet! by LasVegas
The Three Card Monte- An Origami Wallet by oschene

We also promised stickers and an Instructables patch to five lucky people who voted in the Wallet Challenge! Thanks to everyone for voting, and congratulations to our randomly-selected prize winners:
Burpy Durpy

All winners should check their Private Message inbox- I'll send your prize claim information this afternoon.

Picture of DIY Wallet Challenge Winners!
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congrats all... i wanted to make a wallet with an lcd for viewing pics or something.. but then i remembered i dont have any skills
dat would be tight, you need to get a cheap little digital picture frame, cut out the lcd screen, battery, and the memory and pop it in the creditcard slot.
Congratulations to the winners !
abbabibble210 years ago
Nice wallets! I liked this competition. We should have more spontaneous contests like this. It kind of forces innovation.
dibber10 years ago
ditto =)
wombat710 years ago
fun contest
technick2910 years ago
Congratulations winners!