DIY Wireless external Harddrive

Okay, so, I've been wanting to make my external hard drive wireless, so I can access it from anywhere in the house. My question is; what is the best way to go about this? I have two old computers standing in the attic, so I could use their parts to make some sort of time-capsule inspired thingy. Is this possible? Or is it much cheaper to just buy a real airport extreme or time capsule

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To the old computer add a wifi card and then install freenas.
To the old computer add a wifi card and then install freenas.
DustySeven74 years ago
I know Patriot makes a 100 dollar device that takes any drive and makes it wireless.

I have been looking into using a RasPi with usb wifi and large drive. both can be battery powered and since RasPi is linux any device should be able to access the files. and also write
aeromancy9 years ago
Sorry I didn't mention this earlier. The total cost will be roughly $130, whereas the Airport Extreme is $179 and the time capsule runs at about $280 for the 500GB.
aeromancy9 years ago
I have done some research, and others have been able to do this. Here is a link that shows you how. Basically, you purchase a wireless router, and a wireless USB adapter and you plug it into your external hard drive. You will then be able to access your data from anywhere in your home. Here is the link.
Tinseltoy (author) 9 years ago
No, but I figured i could get some kind of card to put in the computer that would *make* it a wireless router?
xACIDITYx9 years ago
A wireless external harddrive? I didn't know that was possible!
guyfrom7up9 years ago
well, you have to first have a wireless router, do you have that?