DIY garage opener circuit


i was thinking of how to make my own garage door opener circuit. To make it simple, im just using a DC motor for my gates and powering using relay.. Any idea on the circuitries??

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dck (author) 6 years ago
okay.. roughly have an idea on the motor part. what about the RF part? any suggestion?? i need a simplest RF module..
Where are you in the world ? I'd recommend a radio module that implements something called "Keeloq" protocol - that means that it is difficult to break in using a copy of your transmitter.

Here's a circuit I did for a door opener for a chicken shed. It uses three relays, an "up" driver, a "down" driver and one to switch from up to down.

Hen door.jpg
dck (author) 6 years ago
okay.. lets say for a start, we just omit the security and sensor part.. i just start off using a circuit with RF module to control a relay.. any link can i refer to??
caitlinsdad6 years ago
When thinking about a garage door opener, you have to think about safety and security. Garage door openers need to have a safety sensor so the door reverses and does not crush anything in its path or burn out the motor if it jams. You may want to have the garage door and its contents protected from intruders with a secure signal if you are doing remote control and don't want any false triggers that can open the door unexpectedly. You should be able to search for the circuits out there and you can decide on what to use to trigger it. Good luck. other words: there isn't any simple solution to this one...
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